Sorry Grumpy Cat

Sorry Grumpy Cat


Imagine that you are a cat beauty competition judge. Decision rights have been assigned, so IT governance is in place. You have to determine whether contender #107 or #115 is  more beautiful.  Or in the IT world, decide if AirWatch or Good Technology is the better MDM solution for you:


Both of these finalists have small flaws, but which cat is closer to the vision of the ‘Ultimate Cat’?

To help with the decision we capture those core principles that describe the ‘Ultimate Cat’.  In our case the perfect cat is athletic, it has a soft fur, beautiful eyes, and loud purr. We balance (weight) these principles and capture them in measurable ways:


Sorry Grumpy Cat, based on the vision and principles the Fluffy Cat is the winner and you got third place behind Skinny Cat…


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